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VCM Series

Heavy Duty Custom Ceiling Projector Mount

This ceiling projector mount provides the strong support you need for mounting heavy projectors. Micro adjustments allow you to quickly achieve registration. The VCM mount includes the custom HB bracket for your specific projector.

Note: This is a product series page. Specific products in this series are listed below.

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VCM Series products

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Heavy Duty Universal Projector Mount

Heavy Duty VCM Universal Interface Bracket

Heavy Duty Custom Ceiling Projector Mount




  • Independent roll, pitch and yaw adjustments for quick and precise projector registration
  • Multiple installation options: flush mount to ceiling, use 0.5" threaded rods, use a 1.5" NPT extension column
  • Quick connect/disconnect for convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors
  • Cable management through top of the mount without additional accessories
  • To flush mount the VCM,see LPK1




Adjustments: Roll: 5°
Pitch: 20°
Yaw: 360°
Certifications: UL Listed
Color: Black
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.8" x 17.0" x 9.3" (97 x 432 x 235 mm)
Solution Type: Custom
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)


Low-Profile Flush Mounting Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when to order the VCM Mount rather than the RPA?:
A: Chief's cross-reference chart tells you exactly which mount to order for your projector.

Q: Do I need to order the HB bracket separately?:
A: No, the assembly ships complete when you order a VCM ceiling mount. The HB bracket as a separate part number is used only for Chief lifts. One VCM part number includes both the universal top and HB bracket.

Q: How much assembly is required?:
A: None. Just attach the HB bracket to your projector.

Q: How much height will it add to my installation?:
A: The VCM top is only 4" high plus various HB bracket heights.

Q: How much weight does the mount hold?:
A: Each mount is custom designed to support the weight of the projector models specified. However, your ceiling must hold at least 5x the total weight of your installation.

Q: Do I need any additional accessories to install the VCM?:
A: Yes. The VCM can be flush mounted to the ceiling with the LPK1 Low-Profile Mounting Kit. However, often times you will need to lower your projector from the ceiling a specific distance and you will want to order the appropriate accessories. Choose the right solution for your installation.