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LCDA Series

Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

LCDA mounts are universal ceiling projector ceiling mounts for installations requiring upright LCD/DLP projectors.

Note: This is a product series page. Specific products in this series are listed below.

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LCDA Series products

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Flush Mount Adapter
Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount
Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount
Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount
Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount
Non-Inverted Universal Ceiling Projector Mount



  • Holds projectors on an adjustable tray and allows you to tighten the mount around your projector for a secure fit
  • A great solution for when you want to install a portable projector in the ceiling and take it down frequently for traveling
  • Independent Roll, Pitch, and Yaw for quick and precise projector registration
  • Adjustable tray accommodates a wide variety of projectors with no interface required
  • Cable management
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple installation options
  • Universal mount for upright projectors
  • Compact design
  • Convenient lamp and filter access



Adjustments: Roll: 5°
Pitch: 90°
Yaw: 360°
Color: Black
Solution Type: Universal
Weight Capacity: 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
No accessories are currently available for this series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which projectors will work with the LCDA Series?:
A: The LCDA Series can be used for any projector that will fit within the maximum equipment size; refer to the dimension chart and diagram on the Catalog Page download available on the Downloads tab.

Q: How do I know which LCDA mount to select?:
A: Verify that your projector can be non-inverted. Find the model with the maximum equipment dimensions that best fit your projector dimensions.

Q: Do I need to order a projector bracket?:
A: No projector bracket is needed with the LCDA Series. The projector rests on a tray and the mount adjusts around it for a secure fit.

Q: How much weight does the mount hold?:
A: Each mount is custom designed to support the weight of the projector models specified. However, your ceiling must hold at least 5x the total weight of your installation.

Q: Do I need any additional accessories to install the LCDA?:
A: The LCDA can be flush mounted to the ceiling by ordering the CMA250 Ceiling Mount Adapter for a low-profile, simple installation. However, often times you will need to lower the projector from a structural, finished or suspended ceiling. For these common applications, you will want to order the appropriate accessories.

Q: If I use the LCDA with a Suspended Ceiling Kit, do I need an extension column?:
A: Yes. Any length 1 1/2" NPT threaded extension column will work with Chief's Suspended Ceiling Kits.