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house of worship mounts

House of Worship AV Solutions

Want Help With Your Next Project?

Contact Chief's Display Solutions team for customized support on larger projects. Fill out the market information request form or contact Chief.

AV technology in worship facilities is growing rapidly. Parishioners are looking for a more interactive experience. Worship leaders want to offer this experience with a higher level of technology, which ultimately leads to better attendance. Many venues are increasingly projecting live images, scriptures and hymnals for the entire congregation to see.

Chief offers a variety of solutions to help worship facilities of all sizes with mobile flat panel carts and stands, prompters and rear projector mounts, flat panel mounts, and a whole array of accessories including angled ceiling adapters and extension columns.

Our products are strong, functional and easy to install. Our dedicated engineering team is progressively developing cutting-edge solutions that set the standard for the industry, keeping your house of worship facility at the forefront of technology.

church tv cart

Mobile Display Solutions

Mobile carts and stands let you to set your TV exactly where you need it, when you need it. Our solutions allow for one or multiple monitors with confidence monitor options.

church mounts

Integrate AV Into Your Gathering Space

Our projector mounts make it easy to install and maintain your equipment.

church audio racks

All Your Gear in One Spot

Racks are the perfect place to keep all your audio and IT equipment organized and safe. Our rack systems are exceptionally durable and provide easy installation.

Featured House of Worship Products

RPMA Series

RPA Elite Universal Projector Mount with Keyed Locking

PF1 Series

TV Floor Stand

LTM Series

FUSION Flat Panel Micro-Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount

PFC Series

TV Mobile Cart

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