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Automated Product Serial Command Calculator

To find serial commands for Chief's Automated CM2, PXR & SL220 select a product and address below. All similar devices on the same network will respond to broadcast commands regardless of individual device address.

Product: Address: Link To Series:
Command Name Command Description Code with Check Sum
CANCEL_MOVE_CMD Cancel Move (Stop) >0500037D
CLEAR_FAULT_HISTORY Clear Fault History >05007384
GET_LATEST_FAULT Get Last Fault Code >05007182
GET_MODEL_DESCRIPTOR_CMD Get Product Description >05006686
GET_NEXT_FAULT Get Next Fault Code >05007283
GET_OP_COUNT_CMD Get Operations count >05006484
GET_PRODUCT_CODE Get Product Code Number >05006B92
GET_SERIAL_NUMBER_CMD Get Serial Number >05006888
GET_SW_REVISION_CMD Get Software Revision >05006787
GET_SWITCH_SETTINGS_CMD Get Switch Settings >05006585
GET_SYSTEM_STATUS_CMD Get Status of Product >05002F92
STATUS_CMD Get Status >0500017B
Extend to EOT Extend to End of Travel >0500107B
Retract to EOT Retract to End of Travel >0500127D